Five-Year-Multiple Entry Tourist Visa Introduced In The UAE

What is A Five-Year-Multiple Entry Tourist Visa?

  • The United Arab Emirates is one of the most desired tourist destinations for people worldwide. The UAE has worked persistently to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience and services. The country has introduced several ways to advance the tourism sector. Introducing the 5-year multiple-entry UAE visa was one of the noteworthy steps the UAE authority has taken.

  • With this multiple-entry UAE Visit Visa, travelers can enter and exit the country several times, and the total stay duration is 90 days per visit. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship is currently accepting applications for this visa from all nationalities.

Benefits Of A Five-Year-Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

  • One of the most noteworthy advantages of the five-year tourist visa is that travelers can visit their friends or family without requiring a sponsor or local host in the UAE. The five-year multiple-entry visa eliminates the cost and effort of applying for a regular 30-day or 60-day Dubai visa every year. With this visa, visitors can visit the UAE as often as they want without worrying about applying for a visa yearly.

  • In addition, this UAE visa is also helpful for individuals planning to work on a temporary business or research project without having a local host or sponsor. The five-year multiple-entry visa offers excellent flexibility for individuals who want to travel back and forth to the UAE for work. This visa makes it more accessible for them to work on projects based in the UAE without going through the procedures of a visa application every time they travel.

The Documents Required to Apply for A Dubai Five-Year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

Applicants must provide a few documents to apply for a five-year multiple-entry Dubai Visa Online. These include the following.

  • Digital copies of the front and back pages of the passport
  • The bank statement for the past six months has a balance of $4000 or equivalent.
  • Proof of UAE health insurance
  • Passport-size photo taken against a white background
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Return flight ticket

Introducing the five-year multiple-entry Dubai tourist visa has brought several benefits to travelers. With this visa, travelers can plan their trips to the UAE more conveniently without worrying about the hassle of acquiring a visa whenever they want to visit. Furthermore, this visa is more cost-effective for travelers, especially those who visit the UAE frequently. The five-year multiple-entry UAE visa will essentially contribute to developing the UAE tourism sector in the coming years.

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