Latest UAE Visa Rule Changes in 2022 Explained

What are the latest changes in the UAE visa system?

  • Since October 2022, the UAE has decided to rebuild its overall visa system. The new UAE visa rule changes allow people to enter the country without a host or sponsor. Visitors can choose the type of Dubai Visa they need according to their requirements. This will be a handy option for expatriates revisiting the country.

What are the new possible entry permits into the UAE in 2022?

  • Visit Visa - An individual can extend the UAE Visit Visa to 60 days, unlike the previous one, which was 30 days.

  • 5-year Multi-entry Tourist Visa - In addition to the standard Dubai Tourist Visa, a five-year multi-entry tourist visa has been introduced, which the UAE travel organizations will sponsor. You can apply for a UAE Visa Online through a Dubai Visa Services provider.

  • The only requirement for this visa is that the claimant should have $4000 or an equivalent amount (when converted) 6 months before the application. Travelers under this visa category can visit the UAE multiple times over five years, with a maximum stay of 180 days per year.

  • UAE Job Seeker Visa - This visa will be granted to those who seek new employment opportunities in the UAE.

  • Entry permit to visit relatives or friends- If you have a friend or relative who is a country resident, you can apply for this permit.

  • Entry permit for a temporary work mission - If you have a temporary work assignment that requires only a short stay in the country, you should apply for this permit. A contract letter from the employer is required.

  • Green Visa - The UAE Green visa program seeks skilled workers, self-employed individuals, and freelancers with a specialized bachelor's degree who will receive a minimum salary of AED 15000. The experienced workers must present a valid employment contract to obtain this visa.

What are the new possible entry permits into the UAE in 2022?

As of 2022, tourists will have a variety of options when it comes to visit visas. Applying online for a Dubai visa is effortless.

  • 7-Day Dubai Visa - The 7-day Dubai Single Entry Visa is a short-term tourist visa to the UAE.

  • 14-Day Dubai Visa - The 14-day Dubai Visa is a short-term tourist visa to the UAE. It is also known as the Dubai Single Entry Visa. 

  • 30-day Dubai Visa - It allows visitors to stay in the country for one month. The visitor can also choose between the 30-day Single-Entry or multiple-entry Dubai visa.

  • 60-Day Dubai Visa - This is a long-term visa that allows a stay of up to two months. The visitor can also choose the entry type required for the 60-day UAE Visa—single or multiple entries.

  • Job Seeker Visa for Dubai - This visa is granted to people looking for a job in the UAE.

  • Dubai Transit Visa - If you are transiting through Dubai and have a wait time of more than 8 hours in the airport, you can apply for a UAE Transit Visa and enter the country.

Visitors can seamlessly get a Dubai Tourist Visa Online through the OnlyTourism visa portal.


  • The above new UAE Visa changes and revisions will benefit the UAE's ex-pat community while simplifying visitors' visits. The UAE expects these visa changes to make the nation more desirable to foreign visitors.

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